Protein analysis

The speed, sensitivity and high resolution of modern mass spectrometers make the study of protein a breeze. Whether you want to identify, characterize, map or quantify one or many proteins, our experts will find a way to get you the results you need to get your research going.

Protein identification

Identify proteins from gel bands, 2D gel spots or in solution.

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Antibody characterization

Get the intact mass, peptide mapping, disulfide bridges, glycosylation and post-translational modifications of your antibody.

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Identification of protein-protein interactions

Use the power of LC-MS/MS-coupled affinity purification to identify the interaction partners of your protein of interest.

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Peptide mapping

Discover the amino acid sequence of your protein of interest with our peptide mapping service.

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N-terminal protein sequencing

Get the exact N-terminal sequence of one protein, or the whole proteome.

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Study of cysteine residues

Get insight on the cysteines residues of one of many proteins using cystein-tarageted chemistry and mass spectrometry.

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PTM analysis

Profile and quantify specific post-translational modifications in your samples.

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"PhenoSwitch Bioscience Inc has provided us with outstanding efficacious service, high quality data and exemplary data analysis over the past three years."

Stephen Naylor, Ph.D., CEO at ReNeuroGen LCC, Milwaukee, USA
"They have provided excellent data in a timely manner on a number of metabolism and protein studies ongoing in my group"
Klaus Klarskov, Ph.D., Professor at Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
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