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Biology is complex. We help you get the big picture by combining proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics data.

Get a broader view

As scientists ourselves, we understand that we sometimes need to studying things separately, in a well organized and focused manner. Such narrow studies allow us to slowly build interaction networks, signaling pathways and enzymatic cascades (hi Krebs cycle!) one piece at a time, until we reach a complete map of biological processes. Once this is done, one can use this knowledge in combination with the power of omics sciences to study their samples as a whole.

For years, genomics and transcriptomics have been the go-to methods to get global insights into the biology of diseases or drugs that treat them. But with the recent technological and scientific advances in mass spectrometry, we can now do much more than limit our research to DNA and RNA. The use of truly untargeted proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics can indeed help you to uncover unforeseen interactions between different types of molecules. Are you ready to get more?

Let’s build a project together

Multiomics projects are by definition very complex. Our experts will first schedule a call with you and your team to discuss at length about your project. Once we understand your goals, we will build a project that will include any combination of proteomics, lipidomics and/or metabolomics and submit it for approval. Once we all agree on the workflow, we will move to the next step.

Data acquisition and first analysis

Using our top-of-the-line mass spectrometers and unmatched knowledge, we will get quantitative information out of your samples for all the required types of molecules. Once the runs are qualified, a first round of data analysis will be done for each type of omics separately. This ensures that the data we pass to the other step has been normalized and pass our quality threshold. At this stage, we may already include advanced statistical analyses to highlight interesting features within a single omics analysis.

Multiomics analysis

This is where the fun begins! Pre-analyzed omics data will be merged together using advanced bioinformatic workflows. At this point, we can include any other data you possess (like previous metadata or genomics/transcriptomics studies) to the pool of data and continue the analysis. As we understand that there are many factors that can introduce bias in the results, we pay a particular attention to data normalization. This helps us to reduce the noise and provide informative multivariate analyses that will yield different groups or molecular signatures within your experiment.

Data report

Once we are done with the analyses, we’ll put everything in a comprehensive data report that will include all the information you need to understand what was done. For example, we’ll provide an experiment summary that will explain the lab and mass spectrometry work that was performed as well as the data analysis strategies that were used. Then, we will gather all the key points of the analyses in one results summary tab for you to easily see the main conclusions of the study. Finally, raw and individually analyzed data will be given to you for further investigation (if needed). In addition, we will schedule a call to discuss the results with you and your team so that you extract as much information as possible of the report.


Join our scientists

My personal experience of collaborating with PhenoSwitch Bioscience was really amazing and great. Ribosomal protein paralogs have very limited number of amino acid differences. If it were not for PhenoSwitch, it would not have been possible to get such a high quality identification and quantification of duplicated ribosomal proteins in yeast. I am highly indebted and thankful for their perseverance, commitment, help and guidance during the tough times of optimization. If you you need to use MS for identification and quantification of your molecules, I strongly recommend you to talk to these guys!
Mustafa Malik Ghulam, Post Doctoral Fellow, RNA Therapeutic Institute, Umass Medical School, Worcester, Massachussetts

"PhenoSwitch Bioscience Inc has provided us with outstanding efficacious service, high quality data and exemplary data analysis over the past three years."

Stephen Naylor, Ph.D., CEO at ReNeuroGen LCC, Milwaukee, USA
"They have provided excellent data in a timely manner on a number of metabolism and protein studies ongoing in my group"
Klaus Klarskov, Ph.D., Professor at Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
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