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Meet our electronic staff!

PhenoSwitch Bioscience has the perfect combination of know-how and incredible instruments. In the following section, we will briefly describe our main analytical assets.

Meet our electronic staff!

PhenoSwitch Bioscience has the perfect combination of know-how and incredible instruments. In the following section, we will briefly describe our main analytical assets.

TripleTOF 6600 and TripleTOF 6600+ (2020, Sciex)

The TripleTOF 6600 and TripleTOF 6600+ mass spectrometers from Sciex have the perfect combination of speed, sensitivity and high resolution for OMICs studies. Using an acquisition method called SWATH (or data independent acquisition (DIA)), we can quantify up to 7500 proteins in complex lysates with high reproducibility. This instrument is also very well suited for intact protein analysis, antibody characterization and other OMICs studies, such as metabolomics and lipidomics. 

TripleTOF 5600 (2015, Sciex)

This mass spectrometer has been a member of our company since we started. It has several hundred of completed projects under its belt, and still delivers outstanding results. Just like the 6600, this machine is able to perform SWATH acquisition and can be used for proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics studies where only medium sensitivity is needed. It's a great complement to our TripleTOF 6600.

LCMS-8060 (2019, Shimadzu)

This QQQ system is one of the fastest and most sensitive machines available to this day. As an example, it can quantify 105 pesticides in one run, using polarity switching with a cycle time <400 ms. This machine is ideal for experiments where sensitivity and throughput are critical.

MicroLC200 (Eksigent, 2015, 2019)

This high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) system operates in microflow, with capacities of rates from 3 µl/min to 60 µl/min. Such low flow rates permit the use of very small ID separation columns, which greatly enhances sensitivity. Our two MicroLC200 systems are almost always connected to our TripleTOF instruments.

Nexera XR (Shimadzu, 2019)

This ultra high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system is one of the most trusted brands worldwide. Its very stable and well-tested operating capabilities make it the most suited LC system for mass spectrometry. With an impressive choice of separation columns, this HPLC is the logical choice to complement the sensitivity and speed of our LCMS-8060 mass spectrometer.

Freedom EVO 150 (Tecan, 2019)

The Tecan Freedom EVO 150 is a highly customizable and incredibly efficient liquid handling station. This machine has the ability to increase throughput, while also reducing the experimental variability normally associated with human manipulations. Its high precision liquid transfer capabilities make this instrument ideal for liquid-liquid extractions, in both lipidomics and metabolomics workflows. 

Resolvex A200 (Tecan, 2019)

This positive pressure solid phase extraction (SPE) workstation brings a lot of control and reproducibility to the cleaning step of sample preparation. Its innovative technology enables for a precise control of the pressure in each well independently. This means that the loading, washing and elution speed of the protocol will be the same for every single well. As a result, the sample preparation variability will be greatly reduced. This system is compatible with using more than one kind of SPE chemistry at once.

My personal experience of collaborating with PhenoSwitch Bioscience was really amazing and great. Ribosomal protein paralogs have very limited number of amino acid differences. If it were not for PhenoSwitch, it would not have been possible to get such a high quality identification and quantification of duplicated ribosomal proteins in yeast. I am highly indebted and thankful for their perseverance, commitment, help and guidance during the tough times of optimization. If you you need to use MS for identification and quantification of your molecules, I strongly recommend you to talk to these guys!
Mustafa Malik Ghulam, Post Doctoral Fellow, RNA Therapeutic Institute, Umass Medical School, Worcester, Massachussetts

"PhenoSwitch Bioscience Inc has provided us with outstanding efficacious service, high quality data and exemplary data analysis over the past three years."

Stephen Naylor, Ph.D., CEO at ReNeuroGen LCC, Milwaukee, USA
"They have provided excellent data in a timely manner on a number of metabolism and protein studies ongoing in my group"
Klaus Klarskov, Ph.D., Professor at Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
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