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Our story

During my Ph.D I had to use mass spectrometry, through different collaborations and core facility services, to answer biological questions. Although I was successful in this task, I came up with the following observation: access to mass spectrometry was far from being simple and necessitates a considerable resource investment to obtain desirable results. Thus, PhenoSwitch Bioscience was founded, with a team of expert scientists, to address this specific need.

PhenoSwitch Bioscience then joined forces with Proteoform Scientific in early 2022 to create Allumiqs.

Allumiqs brings together sample prep, mass spec solutions, and data analytics as an outsourced collaborator for biotech and biopharma researchers. Our platform helps customers solve time and throughput challenges around sample prep, access to omics expertise and mass spec solutions needed to advance their work, and see their research data in a whole new light.

Our mission

At PhenoSwitch Bioscience, we do everything we can to get your science to the next level. We put our expertise to your service to provide solutions to your research problems. We want to collaborate with actors in the life sciences sector and biopharmaceutical companies to enhance the quality of people’s lives. We believe mass spectrometry workflows should be effortlessly accessible and easy to use in any laboratory as it is a powerful tool to accelerate, improve and reduce the costs associated with research and development.

Our vision

  • Address the complex problems of basic research by providing cost effective, efficient and simple solutions to accelerate discovery and publication;
  • Promote the discovery and quantification of biomarkers for better diagnostics, leading to improved quality of life for patients;
  • Reduce costs and time associated with R & D to accelerate product development and reduce time-to-market length;
  • Provide the appropriate technology required to effectively identify, quantify and characterize molecules in simple to very complex samples;
  • Collaborate to develop new technologies meeting both general and specialized needs.
Collaborators are the heart of our success

Our partnerships

Seer is pioneering unbiased proteomics technology to decode the proteome and improve human health.

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SCIEX is a global leader in life science and analytical technologies, offering innovative breakthroughs in mass spectrometry

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ReSyn Biosciences provides high-performance microsphere products and services for your stringent R&D requirements.

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Zef Scientific, Inc is an engineering company bringing expert level LCMS multivendor service to labs in North America along with distributing and supporting Shimadzu Inc. analytical instruments.

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IPS Therapeutique (IPST) is a Contract Research Organization dedicated to the preclinical evaluation of the efficacy and safety of new drugs using validated and highly predictive models – with a strong cardiovascular focus.

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Immune Biosolutions is an antibody provider for the biomedical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for academic research labs.

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Promise Avanced Proteomics offer technologies for quantification of proteins in biological matrices.

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Scispot is a no-code digital operating platform for biotech startups and CROs. It digitizes workflows, automates repetitive tasks, and enables instant connection with partners in one spot.

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My personal experience of collaborating with PhenoSwitch Bioscience was really amazing and great. Ribosomal protein paralogs have very limited number of amino acid differences. If it were not for PhenoSwitch, it would not have been possible to get such a high quality identification and quantification of duplicated ribosomal proteins in yeast. I am highly indebted and thankful for their perseverance, commitment, help and guidance during the tough times of optimization. If you you need to use MS for identification and quantification of your molecules, I strongly recommend you to talk to these guys!
Mustafa Malik Ghulam, Post Doctoral Fellow, RNA Therapeutic Institute, Umass Medical School, Worcester, Massachussetts

"PhenoSwitch Bioscience Inc has provided us with outstanding efficacious service, high quality data and exemplary data analysis over the past three years."

Stephen Naylor, Ph.D., CEO at ReNeuroGen LCC, Milwaukee, USA
"They have provided excellent data in a timely manner on a number of metabolism and protein studies ongoing in my group"
Klaus Klarskov, Ph.D., Professor at Université de Sherbrooke, Canada