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Protein analysis

Mass spectrometry workflows to analyze, characterize or identify proteins.

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Small molecule analysis

Harness the power of LC-MS/MS to analyze your molecules of interest.

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OMICS solutions

Use the unparalled power of LC-MS/MS to profile and quantify proteins, lipids and or metabolites in your samples.

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Specialized services

Our experts at your services.

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Take advantage of our wide knowledge in LC-MS/MS to design or troubleshoot your project.

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Looking for the best magnetic beads out there?

PhenoSwitch is the official distributor of MagResyn products in Canada

MagReSyn NTA

MagReSyn NTA microspheres consist of nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) residues with a strong metal-chelating property.

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MagReSyn Streptavidin

MagReSyn Streptavidin microparticles contain covalently coupled streptavidin for the enrichment of biotinylated molecules.

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MagReSyn Streptavidin MAX

MagReSyn Streptavidin MAX microspheres have been specially engineered for custom applications where maximum binding of biotinylated molecules is required.

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MagResyn Protein A

MagReSyn Protein A microspheres contain covalently coupled Protein A for highly specific single-step purification of immunoglobulin G (IgG) to >95% purity from whole serum samples.

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MagResyn Protein A MAX

MagReSyn Protein A MAX microspheres have been specially engineered for custom applications where maximum antibody binding is desired.

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MagReSyn Protein G

MagReSyn Protein G is a proprietary magnetic polymeric microsphere support that provides a simple and convenient method  for highly specific capture of various immunoglobulins from biological samples.

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